The first fully electric courier service in Slovakia.

Project introduction

This project was created to improve the environment in the city. Every day we see a lot of couriers, postmen and food delivery people who drive classic diesel or gasoline cars. In a slightly better case, powered by LPG, but these cars are mostly older data and have a lot of kilometers. These cars drive non-stop every day and therefore make up a significant part of the city's emissions.

Our service operates directly in the city, for clients B2B, ie business here business translated company for company. We deliver goods of small sizes up to 5 kg, which will fit in a Fiat 500e electric car. We have been building our know-how since March 2018. We are among the first to see the delivery of goods in the city in this way, and we started with purely electric cars.

Our working hours are 12 hours - 6 days a week and 1 day - 10 hours of working time. We cover several companies that need to ensure the delivery of their goods in the city. We deliver the goods within one hour of recording the order.

We have developed best practices for efficient delivery and are constantly working on improvements.

Why work with us?

We are:

  • ecological
  • economic
  • fast
  • safe
  • reliable

The employee costs you a lot of money on salaries and levies - you do not have to worry about the employee with us, he is under our direction.

Buying a car and servicing a combustion car costs a lot of money, and since we know that old, cheap cars are usually bought for such work, ecourier is the best choice, because running a car costs you nothing and saves a huge amount of money on fuel, among other wear and tear. such as rubbers, wipers, bulbs and servicing.

Every day we deliver from 20 to 50 orders in one car, in extreme cases 60 to 70 orders.

Small coins stay with us. We still pay the customer the full amount of money. Coins stay with us and for you it means less worries about coins.

You will definitely save with us and you have more money for business development.

We are always looking for new opportunities for cooperation. If you are interested in this service and would like to use our services, contact us by e-mail:

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