wallbe®expands its product portfolio with AC 3 charging cables for the three-phase charging mode of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles at AC charging stations.

The new AC-wallbe® type 2 charging cables are available in various versions. Thanks to our Heavy Duty connectors, you get an impact-resistant product.


  • wallbe® Design
  • Silver-plated copper contacts
  • Flexible protective sleeve for cable bending
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Heavy-duty plug according to IEC 62196-2
  • Charging cable in mode 3 according to IEC 61851
  • Various variants 16 A to 32 A and cable length 7.50 m
  • Ideal for all applications

The highest German quality

The combination of European connector technology with the Lapp® Ölflex® Charge EVC cable leads to a high-quality product. The new wallbe® AC charging cables are robust and weather-resistant. Silver-plated copper contacts guarantee perfect functionality for a reliable power supply.

Thanks to our two product variants and ergonomic design, special anti-slip surface on the contact plugs, you have everything safely under control.