Efficient charging

DC Wallboxenables simple, space-saving and cost-effective installation in almost any location. Using state-of-the-art communication technology and RFID user authentication, DC Wallbox can be used for both public and private purposes.

The DC Wallbox is optionally equipped with a CCS and / or CHAdeMO connector and achieves an output power of up to 25 kW with an efficiency of 94%.


  • Individual marking with the company logo
  • Robust IK10 case
  • 7 inch OLED display
  • Authorization via RFID
  • Installation by certified professional partners
  • Optional column variant
  • Variants with 4m or 7m charging cable
  • 94% efficiency
  • Charging capacity 25 kW DC
  • Ideal for the public and private sector

Ideal for public charging

Are you looking for a suitable charging solution for your company fleet or for your company? With Wallbe DC Wallbox, at Wallbe® we offer you the ideal solution, whether it is a sales office, supermarket or restaurant. Wherever it needs to be fast, your customer will stay mobile with a DC charger.


The combined charging system is an international standard for charging electric vehicles. Plug variants and charging methods are standardized in Part 3 of IEC 62196 (DIN EN 62196).

CCSis generally able to implement both DC and AC charging methods using its standardized connector system. The European CCS is based on the vehicle's type 2 coupling unit, which has been extended with two more DC pole plugs and is called the "Combo 2". Vehicles equipped with CCS can in principle be charged via type 2 and Combo 2 vehicle couplings. The charging method used in each case and the charging time depend on both the voltage source (efficiency and suitability of direct current) and the vehicle requirements (suitability of direct current and / or on-board charger efficiency).


CHAdeMO is the trade name for the electrical interface between the brands of the battery management system for electric vehicles.

With this DC-based interface developed in Japan, the battery of an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle can be charged directly with high energy. CHAdeMO charging stations with a charging capacity of up to 50 kW have a typical expansion phase of charging stations and are therefore used most often.


CHAdeMO is derived from the Japanese sentence Ocha demo ikaga desuka abgeleitet und bedeutet etwa "Do you want a cup of tea?"

V pohode do cieľa

Ako odborník na nabíjanie elektromobilov má wallbe® citlivý cit pre inovácie a  účinné funkcie.

Či už ide o služobnú cestu alebo dovolenku s rodinou. Vďaka DC Wallboxu dosiahnete svoj cieľ uvoľnene. Vychutnajte si šálku kávy na ceste, až kým sa vaša batéria znova nenabije nabíjacím výkonom až 25 kW. Rozlúčte sa s dlhou dobou nabíjania.