With our charging station control system, make sure you have everything under control.

Connections to intelligent backend systems allow you to view, process and evaluate consumption and costs.

Invoicing is also possible. Many wallbe® products already have the necessary technology to exchange and control data, so users and operators can perform management and administration tasks with a comprehensive solution.

Load / charge management

Intelligent charge management of wallbe® charging stations ensures optimal utilization of the load on the local charging network.

Load peaks are prevented and charging power has priority in accordance with defined rules. It is also possible to integrate regenerative energy sources into the system, such as your own photovoltaic system.

Intelligent distribution to active charging stations reduces high energy costs during peak loads.

The load / charge control system is integrated directly into the charging stations or is located in a separate control console.


The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) enables communication between wallbe® charging stations and management systems, allowing the integration of back-end applications and accounting systems into the charging infrastructure. This universal protocol ensures sustainable operation of charging networks and the seamless integration of new charging points. wallbe® solutions support OCPP 1.5 and 1.6, making them suitable for globally standardized communication between charging points and charging infrastructures.