Slim design for better-looking charging.

This is a way to show what a sleek and state-of-the-art charging technology looks like. The reduced profile and low space requirement for wallbe® Premium are convincing arguments in its favor. Thanks to its high-quality design and individual designs, this model is a charging point with truly first-class features.


  • Professional installation, connection and commissioning of the charging station by our technicians.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Version up to 22 kW 32 A 400 V AC
  • Individual version on request
  • Accounting with PlugSurfing possible
  • Charging technology in a separate metal housing
  • Aluminum column with powder coating

Comfortable, practical premium look

wallbe® Premiumis the optimal combination of high-performance technology and top design. The charging post made of powder-coated aluminum not only looks good, but also provides optimal charging comfort. wallbe® Premium is exactly the right solution for your company fleet, as well as for the vehicles of your employees and customers. Thanks to clear lines and high-quality design, wallbe® Premium is ideal for placement in all your places.

wallbe® Premium features a robust cover that ensures optimal protection, while the low weight and easy-to-attach charging table fittings make it easy to install. All electrical components are housed in a separate outdoor cabinet installed inside the building.